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Review on Image Steganography


  • Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara - 144411,Punjab, India


In this modern world of emerging technologies day by day, as the technology advances the need for secure communication over the internet also arises as a major need. Steganography is the technique that provides the base for secure communication. It is the art of hiding information in some other means of false medium for making a possible secure communication. The information to be hidden can be of any form such as image, text and video etc. and so the cover medium. Unlike cryptography, in steganography after the data is successfully hidden it is not even visible to the eavesdropper or the intruder which makes this technique safer and secure to follow. This review includes all about the major steganography techniques in spatial and transformational domain keeping the main focus on image steganography


Cover Image, Frequency Domain, LSB, Stego-Image, Spatial Domain.

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