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Automatic Number Plate Detection and Recognition on an Embedded Platform


  • Department Of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab – 144411, India


Since last 10 years Automobile industry is expanding. Due to rapid development there is a increase in number of vehicles drastically. As security and transport monitoring is a big problem so each vehicle required monitoring and supervision. Due to this increase, it is becoming difficult to keep track of each vehicle for purpose of law enforcement, security and advance traffic management system. By doing literature survey number of techniques were implemented for detecting number plate which have their own significance but there disadvantages has been overcome by the proposed technique that is defined and implemented in this paper. Various algorithms has been applied by taking the image of the rear no plate of the vehicle. Here I have described technique based on MATLAB Platform to detect number plate using Image Processing. The software role of ANPR system is done with the help of MATLAB and for displaying the number on LCD, ARM processor is used as hardware.


ARM Processor, LCD, MATLAB Tool Yellow Algorithm.

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