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Internet of Things Architecture and Applications: A Survey


  • School of Engineering Science and Technology, Reva University, Bangalore – 560064, Karanataka, India
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bangalore – 560082, Karanataka, India
  • School of Computing and Information Technology, REVA University, Bangalore – 560064, Karanataka, India


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel paradigm which is rapidly gaining ground in the scenario of modern wireless telecommunications among devices associated with Internet. Objectives: The main objective of this paper is to discuss the various architectures of IoT from the RFC perspective and layered approach. It also focuses on applications of IOT in various areas and analysis of security protocols of IoT for the resource constrained devices. Method/Analysis: In view of this, the study is carried out by systematic review of scholarly articles and research papers. Findings: The device can communicate with each other directly within the same network, through the cloud services or indirectly through some gateway application and even through some third party where aggregation and analysis of data can take place. When the cloud services are used to communicate, interoperability among the IP and Non-IP based devices is the major concern. In case of layered architecture the number of layers decides the complexity of the architecture. Five layered architecture is the ideal architecture from the perspective of security as well as compatibility. In all the architectures discussed it is observed that, there is a need to focus more on interoperability and standardization which is essential for the security features.


Applications, Architecture, Internet of Things, Interoperrability, Securit, Standardization.

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