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Configuring Linux System for Internet Protocol based Multimedia Communication Network


  • Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bengaluru - 562106, Karnataka, India
  • Department of CSE, SEA College of Engineering, Bengaluru - 560049, Karnataka, India


This research paper is trying to implement an idea through which we can configure a system have an effective multimedia communication network through a Linux based router with internet protocol. Which deals with the protocol used in the past IPv4 and presently used IPv6. It states about the use IPv4 in IPv6 Networks and different combinations of IP networks, the cost effective design is the use of IPv4 server and IPv6 client. The objective of this research extends to set up a network lab and Configuring Linux system as router, also to have a study of performance and to examine the analysis of multimedia communication in various topologies using internet protocol networks. There are 4 computers used to configure the network of multimedia communication host a and host b serves as the server and client and the other 2 computers are configured to act as routers, ie., router 1 & router 2. Method: Connections are done by using Ethernet and optical fiber cables, by creating a virtual server with connection oriented network of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), also measuring the performance of the internet protocol between the intermediate routers. The routers are configured as Dual Stack Protocol by the method of Tyga Tunneling process. Findings: Finally, this research eliminates the use of routers and switches in a computer network, Increase in Efficiency, Throughput & QOS of multimedia data transmission by using OFC also decrease in Delay & Data loss by replacing Ethernet by OFC.


IPv4, IPv6, Mixed Protocol Network, Router, Multimedia Communication Network.

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