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Effect of Selenium Nano Particles on Glutathione Peroxidase mRNA Gene Expression in Broiler Chicken


  • Department of Animal Nutrition, Madras Veterinary College, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai - 600007, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Animal Biotechnology, Madras Veterinary College, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai - 600007, Tamil Nadu, India


This study was undertaken with the objective of studying the effect of Selenium Nano particles on liver glutathione peroxidase mRNA(GSHP×1 mRNA) gene expression in broiler chicken. An in vivo feeding experiment was conducted in 150 broiler chicks. Three replicates of 10 birds were maintained for each treatment with various levels of Selenium Nano particles (0.075, 0.1125, 0.1875 and 0.225 mg/kg) along with selenium coarse particle (0.15 mg/kg) as control group. The liver GSHP×1 mRNA expression was significantly (P<0.05) higher in Selenium Nano particles supplemented groups compared to control group with selenium coarse particles found out by doing RT-PCR  in 15 birds, with 1 bird selected randomly from each replicate contributing 3 birds per treatment. There was 4.3 fold increases in GSHP×1 mRNA expression in birds supplemented with 0.1875 mg/kg nano selenium. However, when the Selenium Nano particles level was increased to 0.225 mg/kg from 0.1875 mg/kg Selenium Nano particles, GSHP×1 mRNA expression was reduced to 0.76 fold when compared with control group of 0.15 mg/kg selenium coarse particles (1 fold). It is concluded that dietary level of 0.1875 mg/kg Selenium Nano particles increased the expression of liver GSHP´1 mRNA gene in broiler chicken. 


Broiler Chicken, Gene Expression, GSHP×1 mRNA, Selenium Nano Particles

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