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Implementation and Analysis of Triple AES in VHDL


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, India


Successful secure data communication requires encryption of the data by a certain algorithm to keep it safe from unauthorized access. One such algorithm is Triple. Advance Encrypting Standard which differs from AES by using three keys for encryption. It uses same Rijndael’s AES Algorithm but has more reliability and longer key length. AES uses symmetric keys due to which data can be accessed by unauthorized users if they get the key. So the proposed system works on using three different keys to encrypt the data so that all these keys are required to successfully decrypt the data. The cryptographic algorithm is modified in such a way that the final result cannot be cracked even if intermediate data appears as such. This paper also provides comparative analysis of DES i.e. Data Encrypting Standard, Triple DES, AES and Triple AES.


AES, Cryptography, Decryption, Encryption, Triple AES.

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