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Dependence of Modulation Transfer Function on Electric Field Intensity of Photo conductor and Mobility-lifetime Product of Carriers in Polycrystalline Mercuric Iodide Based Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors: A Quantitative Approach and Error Analysis


  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Daffodil International University102 Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207,, Bangladesh


Objective: In this Paper, a simplified mathematical model for Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of Polycrystalline Mercuric Iodide based flat panel x-ray detector is applied on three different published prototypes of Polycrystalline Mercuric Iodide. Our aim was to fit the curves generated by simulation of MTF model with the curves acquired from experimental data. Method: Varied Electric field was employed to obtain the best fitting. Findings: The mobility-lifetime product for the best curve fitting was examined for each prototype. Percentage of fitting error has been estimated for each prototype. Finally, average absolute error has been calculated for all the incorporated prototypes. Application: This study can be further extended to develop a generic empirical model for the Modulation Transfer Function of polycrystalline mercuric iodide based flat panel x-ray detectors.


Average Absolute Error, Electric Field Intensity, Empirical Model, Error Analysis, Mobility-Lifetime Product, Modulation Transfer Function.

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