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A Review of Traffic Congestion Problem and Various Automated Traffic Measurement Sensors and Techniques


  • School of Computer Science, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara – 144411, Punjab, India


Traffic congestion has been a worldwide issue which results into wastage of time, energy and causes environmental pollution. Identification of congestion is the initial step for selecting appropriate method to avoid this situation. To understand congestion in simple way it is classified into different categories. There are number of reasons for the congestion problem. There are numerous potential congestion administration procedures. The suggested two related measures are for traffic management are; Regularity measures and Economic measures. Regularity measures are access management and parking management and pricing policies are economic measures. Economic measures are considered as basic interest side administration measures which can change human practices to maintain a strategic distance from congestion. There are now distinctive sorts of strategies and computerized sensor frameworks exists to examine traffic density and to tackle congestion issue depending on the traffic nature. This paper introduces an outline and possible ways for the identification of traffic congestion problem. The review covers various aspects like definition, congestion categories, characterization and traffic congestion management. This paper reviews different sensor frameworks by encircling the advantages and disadvantages of each in terms of cost, reliability, accuracy, efficiency and maintenance overhead.


Congestion Categories; Congestion Management; Data Collection Techniques, Traffic Congestion.

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