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Reducing DDoS Attack in Cloud using Layered Model


  • School of Computer Science and Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara – 144411, Punjab, India


Background: Cloud Computing is the field of concern these days. Organizations are more worried for the security of cloud as it provides resources on “pay-as-you-need” basis. Methods: Security and safety are the two most important things in cloud. An enhanced model is proposed to detect the DDoS attack. The model consists of many phases which will filter out the attack at each layer. Findings: The system is proposed with different layers namely IP address filtering which will filter the illegitimate ip addresses followed by hop count check. Cloud Traceback Model is used as one layer which uses the technique of marking the packets and is capable of filtering the packets. Applications/ Improvements: The model proposed is applicable in cloud infrastructure as it embeds different techniques to reduce the chances of DDoS attack. The model is easy to deploy and all the modules can be easily integrated into one model.


Cloud Computing, DDoS, Encryption, Hop count , Legitimate IP, Trace Back Model.

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