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Privacy and Ownership Protection Digital Data Techniques: Comparison and Survey


  • Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara – 144411, Punjab, India


Objectives: The main objective for writing this paper is to review about classification of various digital data hiding techniques, their types and along with their comparison. Methods: This paper provides the complete overview about the various types of data hiding techniques currently available and highlighted the important concepts behind each technique. A brief overview of the research work on studies related to DHT is considered and several research papers on these topics are cited. This paper reviews various recent advancement made in the field of DHT particularly the cryptography, steganography and digital watermarking. Findings: The various digital data hiding techniques have their own unique features and processing methods for hiding or maintaining the secrecy of the original information but watermarking is emerging as one of the most competent way to care for digital data at present. This paper also provides an effective source of information about the possible research gap in the field of creating robust and secure watermarking technique.


Data Hiding Technique (DHT), Discrete Cosine transform (DCT), Discrete Wave late transform (DWT), Human Auditory System (HAS), Least Significant Bit (LSB) Coding, Watermarking (WM)

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