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Biometric Security Technique: A Review


  • Department of Computer Science, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara – 144411, Punjab, India


The objective of this paper is to present different techniques of the fingerprint recognition. Two significant techniques Minutia based technique and the correlation based technique are reviewed. Both have their own significance. Minutia is working on specific part of the finger image called ridge and bifurcation. Correlation works on the gray level image data that extract from the finger image. Minutia based technique used different algorithm to extract the features and to check the accuracy and reduce the error rate. Ransac (random sample census) algorithm is tries to work on some random transformation and find the good one. Algorithm for local correlation based on the Markov random field modal which is used to smooth the orientation field. The main finding is to get the better authentication system with a better strength.


Biometric, Fingerprint, Image, Minutia, Ridge.

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