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Highway and Life Cycle Costing as Decision-Making Support System Model


  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, University Technology Malaysia, UTM, Johor Bahru – 81310, Johor, Malaysia


Objective: This paper presents the measurable variables in Malaysia Green Highway Index (MyGHI). Methods/Statistical Analysis: Mean result were determined showed respondents level of agreement towards LCC component and Green Highway Index (GHI) measureable criteria. Findings: This paper also highlights the expected findings which lead to identifying important factors in developing real-time decision making application using LCC. The outcome of the paper will inspire the Malaysian highway builders to respond to green highway development and make LCC as a tool of decision making. Applications/Improvements: Thus the later, correlation between MyGHI measurable variables and LCC can be carried out to determine the significant elements that influence the decision-making to achieve targeted score of MyGHI.


Decision Making Application, Eco-Efficiency, Life Cycle Cost.

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