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A Survey to Activate the Design Right in the Korean Jewelry Industry


  • Department Management Information System, Chungbuk National University, Korea


Background/Objectives: The management of design right which has been recently started from large companies and then gradually giving influence on small companies, has become an important trend of Korean management nowadays. This study aims to investigate and analyses awareness of the current workers and the students on the design right and the management in order to use the design right as a management strategy of the jewelry industry. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Jewelry industry in South Korea is in a recession. Hence, the company’s new management strategy is needed to get out of it. Compared to other industries in Korea, jewelry industry has been small and conserved until now. Also, new management strategies using the design right are required in the jewelry industry, since it gets a number of influence of the industrial design. We conducted 100 people of questionnaires and analyzed the correlation through basic statistics, conditional probability using SPSS. Findings: In response to the question whether active registration of the design right for the company profit is necessary or not, both the current workers and college students positively answered. And in the results of examining the current status of design rights possessed by a representative jewelry company in Korea, the foreign company concentrated on trademark rights while the domestic company focused on design rights and trademark rights. However, they did not directly use or cope with them. As a result, both the workers and the students are aware that the design right is important but they are not fully aware of the design management. Educating intellectual property right with design is necessary to strengthen the design right in the jewelry industry. Improvements/Applications: Further research of applying the role and function of the design right in the jewelry industry to the design management is remained to investigate.


Awareness Survey, Design Management, Design Rights, Jewelry Industry.

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