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Sustainable Design Process Based on 3D Printing Technology


  • Department of Product Design, Hanyang Erica University,15588, Korea
  • Department of Product Design, Kongju National University, 1223-24, Korea


Objectives: This study researches Sustainable design process using the 3D Printing fabrication. Sustainable design approach is to negotiate a problem of environment and social. 3D Printing technology attractive to fabrication fields of the new sustainable producing system. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Concerning about AM design process, this study grasped the pros and cons of design development process generally used in the design company’s design development process to develop products by studding the advance research, and found out the merits of prevented process that can be applied upon AM design development. This study applied to design development process through analysis AM technology characteristics. For the suggested design process verification, its reliability was verified through face to face interview with experts and also AM technology recognition and the usefulness of the process were surveyed and were In-depth interview to designers that own company. Findings: Sustainable design process using 3D printing should be to be supported by technical development on environmentally friendly. Also it needs to support to infrastructure on 3D printing technology. Generally, it needs an underlying infrastructure that material supplies, polishing and processing technology and surface treatment. But sustainable design process using 3D printing requires support for eco-friendly materials and R&D system. Also it needs to use environmental material and recycling material. Secondary it should be obliged to control the air pollution technology. This air pollution Control System needs to provide everything necessary to maintain complete comfort in a manufacturing environment, including heating, cooling, humidity control, and air filtration and circulation. Consequently, this tech requires related Politics and Laws. Such as Politics and Laws is in regard to environmental problem, responsibility for using environmental material, restrictions of bad gas exhaust. However, the most important thing is to get the public value. This value formation, crucial decisions can be made early in the design process, saving the energy and resource of design. Therefore, it should have a very close-knit involvement in advanced environmental management techniques and policies as taking designer’s responsibility. Improvements/Applications: the next step, this study needs to environmentalfriendly technical support reducing environmental problem, environmental regulation and technical supported policy and establishes the system, closely enrolled network system with manufacturer, Technology and government. Therefore, integrated network system, able to connect each element is requested.


3D Printing, Design Process. Product Fabrication; Production; Sustainable Design.

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