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A Study on Effects of Project Manager Consultants’ Competencies on Consulting Performance and Satisfaction - Focused on Moderating Effects on Client Enterprises’ Level of Participation


  • Department of Knowledge Service and Consulting, Hansung University, Seoul, Korea
  • Department of Public Administration, Hansung University, Seoul Korea
  • Department of Industrial Management and Engineering, Hansung University, Seoul, Korea


Objectives: This study attempted to survey the PM consultants playing a role as a leader in the consulting project that government has funded in respond to the recent business environment. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A survey and analysis were conducted by recruiting representatives or staffs responsible for consulting out of 900 SMEs that had participated the coupon system - consulting project conducted as part of the policy to revitalize SMEs. The survey was carried out via e-mail from September 15 to October 20, 2011. 5. For 5 kinds of questions on client enterprises, 21 kinds of questions related to PM consultant competencies and consulting performance, and 3 kinds of questions on satisfaction. Single-dimensionality analysis was conducted using the SPSS19.0 package. Findings: The findings demonstrated that PM consultants’ competencies affects interpersonal abilities and their management abilities have an influence on consulting performance, implying that client enterprises’ level of participation moderates the performance. This suggests that both PM consultants’ interpersonal and management abilities are important in order for client small - medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to experience the consulting performance and satisfaction concerning the consulting support project enforced by the government. Application/Improvements: To bring about the expected effects from the governmental supporting consulting project aimed for SMs to raise competitiveness, the current system must be institutionally complemented to ensure PM consultants equipped both with interpersonal and management abilities are input.


Client Enterprises’ Level of Participation, Consulting for Small-medium Sized Enterprises, Consulting Performance, Consulting Satisfaction, PM Consultants Competencies.

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