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The Problem of a Human Factor in Aviation Transport Systems


  • Institute of precision mechanics and control of Russian Academy of Sciences,Russia
  • Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Russia


Objectives: The purpose of this article is to find an approach to description of human factor in aviation transport systems. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The unique approach to classification of human factor is developed on a basis of methods of formal logic. The full roll of pilots’ and air traffic controllers’ mistakes can be represented as Cartesian product and other methods of discrete mathematics. Findings: The novelty of this research devoted to analysis of accidents’ causes as a consequence of subsystem’s denials and wrong actions of personnel in aviation transport systems is offered in the article. The findings are in consensus with the existing results, which show that any event has a systemic character and cause-effect link with another events and processes. It is a unique approach to human factor’s classification in an aviation transport system is offered on a basis of a set-theoretic presentation. Application/Improvements: The results of this research are used in Ilyushin aviation transport systems’ to increase their safety by pilots’ mistakes prevention.


Accidents, Aviation Transport System, Emergency Situation, Human Factor, Resource, Safety.

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