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A Study on Design Consulting Modules: Focusing on Commercial Environment Design


  • Department of Knowledge Service and Consulting, Hansung University, Seoul, Korea


Objectives: This paper first defines the concept of commercial environment design consulting and examines spatial design components. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Also, this paper reviews general design consulting processes and then analyzes the tasks and processes adopted in relatively advanced Japanese firms specializing in commercial environment design. Based on the review and analysis, this paper develops stepwise design consulting modules and defines module-specific tasks. Findings: The commercial environment design consulting significantly differs from the general product-oriented industrial design consulting. The present study proposes the consulting modules that enable customized consulting services, facilitate seamless communication between clients and consultants and improve project outcomes. A total of 22 modules comprise the minimal independent work units and the core process steps derived from the process-compliant approach to design consulting which is currently dealt with in academic and practical research, and from Japanese commercial environment design firms’ processes and application projects, given the fact that the commercial environment design has long been developing in Japan in contrast to Korea. Application/Improvements: The proposed commercial environment design consulting modules are variably applicable to projects of different scales and attributes and serve as reference data for academic research and practical application.


Commercial Environment, Consulting Process, Design Consulting, Design Consulting Module.

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