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Focus for Interactive Systems Design through the Incorporation of User in the Development Process


  • Universidad de la Costa, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Escuela de Negocios de la Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz, Bogotá, Colombia


Objectives: To propose Focus for Interactive Systems Design through the Incorporation of User in the Development Process. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This work was within the designs of non-experimental field. Findings: Usability is becoming a key factor in the success of a software product, and it is necessary that the software industry begins to become aware of the need to take into account the usability from the early stages of system development by introducing a focused perspective the user. For this big reason that this research raises different proposals for the establishment of methods, techniques and tools in order to guide developers on activities to follow during the software development process to ensure a level of usability previously established. Presenting a study of the integration of usability in the development process of software engineering, analyzing proposals from both the field of Usability Engineering (UI) and the Software Engineering (IS). Application/Improvements: In a summary of some of the models proposed by the UI for the development of interactive systems and a new proposal Process Model User Centered integrating the IS processes is collected, Human Computer Interaction (IPO) and accessibility in the context of multidisciplinary development teams. The Process Model presented in the international standard ISO 13407: 1999 establishes a framework for regulatory reference guides to ensure usability in the development of interactive systems incorporating user - centered (DCU) during the life cycle development Design.


Interactive Systems Design, Process Models, Software, User Incorporation Process Development, Usability.

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