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The Essence of the Problem of Elder Abuse through the Humanities and Social Sciences Convergence Approach


  • Graduate School of Social Welfare, Kyonggi University,Kyonggido, South Korea
  • Departmentof Social Welfare, Kyonggi University, Kyonggido, South Korea


Background/Objectives: All over the world, “Elder abuse” has been at an escalation. Each of the countries is dealing with Elder abuse. Methods/Statistical Analysis: However there has not been any study in the past that utilized the convergence approach of humanities and social sciences as it was in this study. Here upon, this study is intended to analyze the causal factors and the essence of elder abuse through recognition of characters in drama“Ninkyo Helper”, showing problem of elder abuse of Japan which is top aging country. An analysis method was used for the content analysis of the TV drama. Findings: First of all, family orientation and reliance that Japanese society has, were shown at peripheral characters. Secondly, denial and avoidance of abuse from family orientation and reliance, defense on victim, and self-permissive attitude, etc. were shown among victims. Thirdly, excessive burden on the support and issue of family from abuse were identified among assailants. As a private counter measure, a social relationship network was developed to prevent abuse and to enable early recognition of abuse. The will for abuse prevention allowed the victims of elder abuse to understand the supporting load of the supporters. With the will to change the current situation, the elders showed the will to accept the public service. It was found that public counter measures taken by individual public servants or facilities have various limitations to positively intervene and provide solutions for elder abuse, because decisions about appropriate intervention are difficult to make due to the conflict among values, and those who are responsible are difficult to identify in an unpredictable problematic situation. Application/Improvements: As for this issue, legal measures for public intervention, furthermore, change recognition about elder abuse and to be required to prevent elder abuse by maintaining social relation network and also seek for solutions.


Convergence Approach of Humanities and Social Science,Elder Abuse, TV drama“Ninkyo Helper”.

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