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Environmental Safety in Mining and Processing of Mineral Raw Materials under the Conditions of Rational Nature Management as Exemplified by the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly Region


  • Regional Branch of KMA, Academy of Mining Sciences, Russia
  • Gubkinsky Branch of the Belgorod State Technological University n.a. V.G. Shukhov, Russia
  • Testing Centre ANP+O “Independent Institute of Examination and Certification”, South Africa


Objectives: This study represents the analysis of technogenic and biosphere conceptions from the perspectives of the environmental problems of mining and reprocessing of mineral raw materials in Russia and other countries. Methods: The fundamental conceptual complex approach has been identified to solve the ecological problems of mining and processing of minerals taking into account the conditions of rational nature management using the example of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA). Findings: Based on the developed concept it has been suggested that a Single Regional Environmental Protection Center should be established that would formulate and implement the complex approach to solve the regional problems making it possible to identify the conditions for the well-balanced methods of fulfilling the environmental engineering tasks of various profiles and to facilitate economic and social development of the promising mineral producing regions of the country, particularly, the region of the KMA. Applications/Improvements: The study suggests the examples of the innovative solutions to solve the problems of rehabilitation and support of the environment in the KMA region.


Concept of Development, Conditions of Rational Subsurface Resources Management, Complex Program, Geotechnologies, Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, Natural Mineral Raw Materials, Single Regional Environmental Protection Center.

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