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Computational Studies of Connections of Spatial Composite Structures of Space-Rocket Techniques


  • The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia
  • Materials Processing Technology Ltd


Objectives: Actuality of the study is determined by a number of technical optimization problems due to singularity of designed objects in creation of large space structures. A characteristic feature of such problems is a combination of requirements for increasing of dimensions and providing sufficient stiffness and reliability in response to minimum mass optimization of load-bearing structure weight. This article discusses the combination of such details of construction as metal bushing and carbon tube by means of a heat-resistant polyurethane adhesive VK-20 modified by carborane compounds. Studies consist of calculation of stress-strain state of adhesive joint to determine the shear and breaking stresses in the contact area between the bonding parts. Assessment of failure-free operation of adhesive joint is also conducted during these studies. Methods: Computational studies of connections for manufacture of spatial composite structures of rocket and space techniques have been conducted by finite element analysis. Findings: Simulation of stress-strain state and assumptions adopted during simulation were described. Improvements: Calculations of stress-strain state have been conducted for model of spatial composite structure of space-rocket techniques.


Adhesive Joint, Carbon Fiber Composite, Finite Element Mesh, Space-Rocket Techniques, Stress-Strain State, Transformable Antenna.

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