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Ontology and Multi-Agent Technology Application for Intellectual Property Knowledge Management


  • SEC Smart Solutions Ltd., Samara, Russian Federation
  • JSC RSC Progress, Samara, Russian Federation


Objectives: Every rocket and space enterprise possesses unsystematized knowledge describing Intellectual Property Objects (IPO). One of the system’s aims is to make knowledge easily reusable and boost up the innovative development. Method: To increase efficiency of rocket and space enterprises, development of the system for management of intellectual property knowledge is suggested. The novelty consists in using domain ontology (Semantic Web) and “multi-agent internet” as an intellectual base for knowledge management of rocket and space enterprises and the whole industry. Findings: The article provides an analysis of software tools that ensure total domain-independent support for ontological analysis. The article also gives advantages and disadvantages of existing tools. The paper describes an approach based on use of multiagent technology and ontologies and an example of its implementation. Improvements: Applications of the reviewed methodology will make it possible to systematize the available volumes of information, thereby enabling effective use of knowledge. Implementation of these plans is capable of realizing the main corporate priority - creating competitive advantage.


Increasing Economic Efficiency of Intellectual Property Objects, Intellectual Property Objects Management, Knowledge Systematization, Multi-Agent Technology, Ontology.

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