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Development and Practical Application of a Multifunctional Test Bench for Experimental Research of Precise Mechatronic Systems


  • Department of Electronics and Microprocessor Systems, Ivanovo State Power Engineering University, Ivanovo, Russia
  • Scientific Research Authority, Ivanovo State Power Engineering University, Ivanovo, Russia


Objectives: The aim of the project is to develop an experimental laboratory test bench for comprehensive practical research of various types of selective-invariant electromechanical systems as a part of their engineering design. Method: The experimental laboratory test bench implements the Rapid Control Prototyping technology permitting the creation and testing of new control algorithms in a short time. This technology makes it possible to rapidly check theoretical results and develop innovative technical solutions prepared for practical implementation in real production equipment. Findings: The developed test bench is implemented by using a personal computer with Windows operating system and MATLAB software package with Simulink simulation environment and a real-time library. It contains complete controlledvelocity electric drive with information signal sensors and a mechanical oscillation source of load torque on the electric drive shaft. Computer and electric drive are coordinated by means of a NI PCIe-6343 input-output circuit board with PCI Express interface. The application of a test bench for experimental research of adaptive-invariant mechatronic systems under close to real operating conditions is shown. To a large extent the results of the test bench research of mechatronic systems confirmed earlier results obtained by simulation and computing experiment methods. Improvements: The experimental laboratory test bench enables rapid modification of control devices structure and parameters, intensity and spectrum of load torque oscillations, composition of the electric drive being tested.


Automatic Control System, Control Device, Control Prototyping, Disturbance Model, Electric Drive, Input-Output Circuit Board Selective Invariance.

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