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Philosophy of Technical Equipment Improvement as Exemplified by a Jaw Crusher


  • Petrozavodsk State University, av. Lenina, 33, Petrozavodsk, 185000, The Republic of Karelia, Russia


Objectives: Current importance of the investigation has been stipulated by the necessity to solve the tasks set before domestic mechanical engineering to develop new energy efficient equipment and energy saving technologies. Methods: The study demonstrates the possibility for the synthesis of innovative technical and technological solutions by developing the intellectual arrays of object development as exemplified by a jaw crusher. The method of the study is represented by the construction of the intellectual array of technological object development based on the comprehensive studies of scientific, technical, popular science literature and patent files. Findings: A number of innovative technical solutions have been developed; the relevant patent applications have been submitted to the authorized bodies. It has been shown that the philosophy of technological equipment improvement founded on the creation of the intellectual arrays of its development represents a powerful tool for establishing the level of development of a technological object and for the synthesis of patentable innovative solutions. Applications/Improvements: The possibility of the synthesis of patentable solutions has been proven based on the analysis of the existing similar designs and their prospective structural and technological development.


Innovations, Intellectual Array, Jaw Crusher, Philosophy of Technology.

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