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Snakehead Fish (Channa Striata) : Semi-Induced Breeding and Larval Growth


  • Fisheries Department, University of Palangka Raya, Kalimantan Tengah – 74874, Indonesia


Objectives:The purposes of the present study are to produce technology of the snakehead fish breeding in Central Kalimantan region of Indonesia and to analyze the growth of larvae produced. Methods/Statistical Analysis:The experiments are conducted using twenty four of the broodstock and a pairof the fish isplaced to the hapa.The ovaprim doses injected on dorsal of the fish in this experiment are A: 0 ml/kg (control), B: 0.3 ml/kg, C: 0.5 ml/kg and D: 0.7 ml/ kg body weight of fish. The parameters are observed that the natural spawning of the fish and total larval body length of larvae. Findings:Spawning is observed 30-37 hours after application of ovaprim with dose 0.5 ml/kg, followed by application of 0.3 ml /kg ovaprim dose with spawning latency time of 4-5 days.During the early stages total length growth is increasedgradually and sharply. It is increased further and after 20 daysfrom hatching until the end of experiment as well as digestive tract development. Improvement/Applications: At day 25 after hatching coinciding to presence of pyloric caeca the fish may be introduced artificial feeds.


Breeding, Larvae, Growth,Snakehead Fish, Semi-Induced

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