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Predicting Analysis of Data Mining Extraction Technique in Secondary Education


  • Department of IT, VIT University, Vellore - 632014, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To implement the data mining techniques to evaluate the performance evaluation of tutor and compare the results obtained by adopting several data mining techniques. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The details regarding the results of the students are taken as the base parameter for the performance evaluation of the tutor. The classification data mining techniques are utilized to study the data developed based on the students performance. Findings: By employing the various data mining classification techniques on the student result data to evaluate the performance of the instructor, efficiency of the work carried out by the instructor and also the way in which the instructor is approaching the students point of view is highly impactful on the students results can be given as the output based on the numerical generated by the classification techniques. Application/Improvements: The result generated by the classification techniques can be more accurate by providing more accurate input and considering the other factors that would affect the outcome of the technique.


Artificial Neural Network, Category Algorithms, Linear Differentiate Breakdown, Outcome Foliage, Presentation Assessment.

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