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Effect of Nano Particle (Marble Sludge Powder) on Shear Strength of Soil to Strengthen the Vembakottai Dam


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Raja College of Engineering, Veerapanjan - 625020, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Civil Engineering, P.S.R College of Engineering, Sivakasi - 626140, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: A study is carried out to investigate the effect of marble sludge powder on the stabilization of soil and to improve soil properties of an earthen dam at Vembakottai. Methods: Soil samples were collected from different places at Vembakottai dam, while marble sludge powder bought from local market. Marble Sludge powder is the by product from marble pieces and used as a constituent for cement concrete and then stabilize the soil strength. The test revealed as compaction test, unconfined compression test obtained on soil mixed at different proportions of marble sludge powder and cement. Findings: Finally, marble sludge powder can be used to stabilize the soil as sustainable alternative compared to other stabilizers. Marble dust is the best way to achieve sustainable practices and enhance the strength in Vembakottai dam. Basis of experimental work, this research concludes that soil stabilization using cement alone is a very difficult process. Some extra admixtures are used to increase the strength of soil. An admixture which reacts with cement undergone hydration process for that marble sludge powder plays important role in soil stabilization. In this research, better results can be achieved by using marble sludge powder and cement in a ratio of 10:20.


Binding Material, Compaction Test, Shear Strength, Stabilization, Sustainable Practices.

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