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Development of GUI Controller for COMINT Scanning Subsystem in Electronic Warfare


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, GMR Institute of Technology, GMR Nagar, Rajam – 532127, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objectives: This paper develops the Graphical User Interface (GUI) controller to control the operation of the scanning subsystem i.e. to intercept and analyze the incoming data for Communication Intelligence (COMINT) in Electronic Warfare. Methods/Statistical analysis: The Software Development Life Cycle Model phases are carried out to develop this GUI Controller application and the Iteration method is used to test the developed application. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/ Internet Protocol (IP) protocol based socket application programming interface method is used for communication between computer nodes. Findings: The controller sets the mode of operation to start and stop scanning by changing system state (operational/standby). The controller also sets the frequency of operation or frequency band to be scanned by Scanning subsystem and the configuration parameters of Scanning subsystem. This controller processes the data i.e. received from the Scanning subsystem (simulator) and plot the data on the display in spectrum view, using the Qt graphical tool. Application/Improvements: This will help the user to understand COMINT scenario of the signal presence in the environment and accordingly the military may plan their resources and it works as a force multiplier in the EW.


COMINT, Electronic Warfare, GUI, Qt, TCP/IP Socket Program.

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