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PSO based Energy Efficient IR Heating System


  • Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, VR Siddhartha Engineering College Vijayawada - 520007, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objectives: Maintaining uniform temperature with low power consumption is an important factor in various household and industrial applications. This paper presents the development of energy efficient IR heating system using particle swarm optimization. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The IR heating system model is developed by process identification method using step input, controllers are designed, simulated using MATLAB/Simulink and implemented using Arduino. Findings: Experimentally, the PSO based PID controller is proven to be a method for saving of power for temperature control of IR heating system and also shows superiority over the conventional PID controller in terms of performance indices. PSO based energy efficient IR heating system has overcome the drawbacks associated with temperature control of IR heating system like repeated two position switching and inferior time domain specifications which leads to more power consumption. Application/Improvements: PSO based energy efficient IR heating system can be used in various commercial and industrial applications to maintain the temperature with low power consumption.


Arduino, IR Heater, MATLAB, Modeling, PID, PSO.

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