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The Effect of Attributes of Advertisement Models on the Advertising Effect of CSR Ad Campaigns: with a Focus on the Theme of CSR Practices


  • Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Namseoul University, 331-707, Republic of Korea


Objectives: The current research confirmed that different attributes of advertisement models had different influence on the advertising effect of CSR ad campaigns depending on the theme of CSR activities. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Survey was 550 participants were assigned to 12 groups by biased sampling. A factor analysis was performed to analyze the model attributes. Also, a multiple regression analysis was conducted to identify the effects of model attributes on the attitudes toward advertisements, corporations, and the perception of veracity of the advertising messages. The reliability of each scale was determined by using the internal consistency coefficient of Cronbach's α. Findings: The current research confirmed that different attributes of advertisement models had different influence on the advertising effect of CSR ad campaigns depending on the theme of CSR activities. It was found that value relevancy between all the themes of CSR activities and the image of advertisement models exerted a significant influence on the attitude toward CSR ads and the attitude toward companies. In the ads with the themes of economy and society, value relevancy and reliability of models had a significant influence on the attitudes toward ads and companies, while value relevancy and attractiveness of models did so in the theme of environment. It was also found that reliability of the models had a significant effect on perception of veracity of the messages regardless of the themes of CSR activities. Such findings might suggest that advertising executives should employ a tactical strategy when selecting models for CSR ad campaigns. Improvements/ Applications: Future researches are expected to depart from simple analysis of the correlation between model attributes and the attitudes and to take another step to investigate into any mediated effects and more detailed insights.


CSR Ad Campaigns, CSR Advertising Effect, CSR Practices, Model Attributes, Selection of Ad Models.

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