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Implementation of Advanced Routing Technique for Cognitive Radio


  • Department of ECE, V. R. Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada – 520007, Andhra Pradesh, India


One of the most developing technologies for future wireless communication is Cognitive Radios (CR) networks. The Cognitive Radios are fully programmable wireless devices for supporting dynamic spectrum access, the policy that addresses the channel access method, spectrum use and spectrum scarcity problem. In this a transceiver is designed to use the best wireless channels in its vicinity thereby intelligently detecting which communication channels are available and instantly move into vacant channels while avoiding the occupied ones. Thus the use of RF spectrum is optimized while minimizing interference to end users. To establish a route between source and destination nodes in CRAHN, a routing technique is needed. Various routing methods have been proposed based on performance metrics such as propagation delay, transmitted power, number of intermediate nodes between source and destination (hop count) and spectrum awareness. This paper implements a new routing technique incorporating all the above metrics. The routing strategy can be implemented in MATLAB which may improve metrics like distance, number of intermediate nodes between source and destination (hop count), transmitted power, propagation delay in comparison with shortest path and the MTPR routing technique.


Cognitive Radio, CRAHN, FCC, MTPR.

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