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Integrated Hadoop Cloud Framework (IHCF)


  • Department of CSE, NIT Patna, Ashok Rajpath, Mahendru, Patna - 800005, Bihar, India


Objective: The paper proposes the design of an intermediate Hadoop framework which will not only make Hadoop user friendly but also it is open source and free to use. Methods: The framework has been called Integrated Hadoop Cloud Framework (IHCF) and it also supports various Hadoop based frameworks like Hive, Pig as cloud services. It can be accessed from outside the Hadoop cluster too. Various experiment results has been included which show the efficient working of IHCF. Findings: The IHCF contains modules like Setup, Client and Cloud which are working in sync with one another. The setup module controls automated creation of cluster and client module provides users access to the cluster. The cloud module handles Hadoop based frameworks and ensures that user/client can use frameworks as cloud services. Improvement: The IHCF can be customized further to ensure optimized use of clusters and prevent over/under utilization of resources in cluster.


Big Data, Cloud, Cluster, Hadoop, Hive, Pig.

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