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Wireless Gas Monitoring and Alerting System (WGMAS) for Warehouse using Arduino and Raspberry Pi


  • School of Computing, Embedded System, SASTRA University, Tirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur - 613401, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To devise a gas leakage monitoring and alerting systems for LPG warehouse. Methods/Statistical Analysis: One of the prime areas to monitor the leakages is LPG warehouse. A Wireless Gas Monitoring and Alerting System (WGMAS) is proposed for detecting, monitoring and thereby to provide alerts about the emissions and leakage at the target area of interest inside a warehouse.MQ-2 and MQ-5 LPG gas sensors interfaced with the Arduino sensor nodes are used. The Raspberry Pi gateway uses a hypertext transport protocol to send the data to the Xively cloud. Findings: The developed WGMAS provides an efficient, periodical monitoring and alerting framework for the plants to prevent the explosion due to the leakage. A mobile relay node is designed for the fault tolerance purpose. Improvements: The designed prototype enables the admin of the warehouse to monitor and analyze the status of emission inside the warehouse remotely by utilizing the Io T services and thereby the supervisor of warehouse can have a control over it.


Gas warehouse monitoring, IoT, WGMAS, WSN, Xively.

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