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A Survey on Live Migration Techniques of Virtual Machines


  • School of Computing, SASTRA University, Thanjavur - 613401, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Cloud computing plays an imperative role in development of technology and makes the data available to the worldwide extent. Virtualization and virtual machines helps in enhancing the utility of the cloud computing to its maximum limit. Method: The method of replication of virtual machine in source physical machine to destination physical machine is known as migration of virtual machines. Live migration is a type of migration that deploys pre-copy, post copy, hybrid approach for transferring load. Finding: Load balancing is the foremost problems in data centres which can be handled by migration. This paper focuses on pre-copy approach and makes an investigation of the various pre-copy methods and its implementation. Applications: It helps in improving the utilization of data centres and load management with minimum downtime and no page faults.


Cloud Computing, Live Migration, Load Balancing, Pre-copy Approach, Virtual Machines.

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