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Secure Communications on IoT and Big Data


  • Department of Information Technology, College of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman, Oman


Objective: Presently Internet of Things or “IoT” refers to the means of all possible communications. This paper presents a review of Internet of things and big data available on it. Methods/Analysis: The paper depicts the impacts and importance of these terminologies in the current scenario. Data Analytics is an emerging field which utilizes IoT and big data. Most of the organizations start cultivating big data available on IoT for their strategic decisions Findings: Though organizations finding it beneficial, also facing security challenges to protect their important data. Companies that fail to maintain reasonable security, it means for organizations is that if they fail to secure the life cycle of their big data environments, then they may face regulatory consequences, in addition to the significant brand damage that data breaches can cause. To protect various techniques likes cryptography, and encryption etc. are used. For secure communication in IoT-type systems currently requires many levels of configuration of security algorithms, which discourages users from implementing protection and often encourages functionality to be prioritized over security. This paper highlights new security enhancing techniques which are based on identification and authentication of the things in the IoT environment. Global Data is on the rise, by 2020, we would have manifold of the data we generate every day. This data would be generated through a wide array of sensors we are continuously incorporating in our lives. Improvement: So we have to implement standard approach to risk management which assumes that the trust boundary is already defined. What is missing in the risk-focused and technocentric approach is everything related to the management of trust, i.e., the new functions and processes, and the new policies and structures required to expand the risk boundary


Big Data, Communication, Cryptography, Data Analytics, IOT, Security

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