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Hybrid Cloud Based Deduplication Scheme Based on User’s Privileges


  • School of Computing, SASTRA University, Thirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur - 613401, Tamilnadu, India


Background/Objectives: This research work reviews different techniques to protect the data and discussed about their merits and demerits which help to realize a secured cloud deduplication environment. Methods: Hybrid cloud based deduplication approach is proposedto avoid the data duplication and to ensure the confidentiality in the cloud. Further, the security investigations ensure that the proposed security framework enhances the data security with an insignificant additional overhead. Mention the data source accessed and keywords used; inclusion and exclusion criteria etc. Findings: Provide your findings. Applications: This approach makes us to understand the elements of good cloud deduplication framework which can be directly used by any cloud storage service provider to reduce their storage costs.


Cloud Computing, Data Deduplication, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud.

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