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Hybrid Fault Tolerant Scheme to Manage VM Failure in the Cloud


  • School of Computing, SASTRA University, Thanjavur - 613401, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To managing the Virtual Machine and improve the reliability and availability of the resources using Hybrid fault tolerance method. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Basically two main fault tolerant policies namely reactive fault tolerance and proactive fault tolerance. Reactive fault tolerant techniques attempts to reduce the effort required for recovery after a failure, whereas a proactive fault tolerant technique attempts to prevent the occurrence of a fault. The existing method aims to prevent the occurrence of VM failure using a proactive fault tolerant technique which is a static method. But it provides no solution for VM failure, which might occur while the application is still running. The proposed paper ensures reliability of VM by considering both the reactive and proactive techniques in hybrid ways of tolerating the VM failure. In the proposed system, two types of VM failure, insufficient storage and variable capacity change are detected. These failures are tolerated using a self healing mechanism implemented at the host level. Result: The proposed scheme is implemented using Cloudsim simulator, in order to highlight the performance of how VM can be managed. Applications: Virtual Machine failure can be managed and improve the reliability and availability of resources using hybrid fault tolerance scheme.


Cloud Computing, Fault Tolerant, Proactive and Reactive Techniques, Self-Healing, VM Failure.

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