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A New Improved Algorithm of AODV Protocol based on F-Lipschitz Optimization


  • Computer Science Department, Cadi Ayyad University-FSTG, Morocco
  • Computer Science Department, Cadi Ayyad University-FST, Morocco
  • Computer Science Department, EST-Berrchid-Hassan1st University, Morocco


With the rapid development and the daily appearance of the new tiny materials, the new technology attracts more and more the research community. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks offer various applications to users. However, This technology still suffer from routing problems. The main goal of this paper is to present a new enhanced algorithm of AODV protocol which is based on optimizing the number of RREQ messages using the F- Lipschitz optimization. The novel proposed approach focus on two parameters: distance and energy for enhancing routing performances. Simulation results show that the new protocol outperforms the basic AODV.


F-Lipschitz Optimization, MANET, Routing, We AODV

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