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An Inter-group Comparison of the Importance Scales Regarding Media Rating Criteria


  • Department of Marketing Communication, Kansai Gaidai University, Japan
  • Department of Journalism & Communication, Tongmyong University, Korea


Objectives: To examine the differences in the perceptions of various stakeholders regarding the media rating criteria. More specifically, this study examined the perceptions of general viewers, parent viewers, film experts, and media rating committee members. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study used the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to identify the relative importance and priorities scales that each group applies to the classification standard. Findings: The results indicated that the general viewers and parent viewers are generally more concerned with the influence of visual media on teenagers while film experts and committee members are more concerned with the expressions of visual media. Such differences of perceptions demonstrated by different stakeholders must be considered when restructuring the media rating system in the future to enhance objectivity and reliability of the criteria. Application/Improvements: The results of this study are believed to be useful for developing appropriate measures regarding the media rating system in the future. *


AHP, Korea Media Rating Board, Media, Media Rrating Criteria, Teenager Protection.

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