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Crash Test Analysis on Natural Fiber Composite Materials for Head Gear


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vel Tech, Avadi, Chennai - 600062, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai – 600044, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai-603103,Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: In this analysis, natural fibers like, Jute, Kenaf and hemp; Jute and Hemp (mixture) Hemp and Kenaf (mixture), Jute and Kenaf (mixture) are invented with bio epoxy stick abuse forming system. This work, affects quality of Hemp and Kenaf (mixture), Jute and Kenaf (mixture) and Jute and Hemp (mixture) composite at dry and wet conditions were examined. Affect check were directed Izod affect testing machine and the little structure of the examples are checked by the Scanning magnifying instrument and contrast the leads with Ansys. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A synthetic check could be a subjective or quantitative strategy intended to demonstrate the presence of, measure, a substance or unit with the assistance of a chose compound specialist. The synthetic testing was performed in both sulphuric. The bits of the fiber strengthened polymer composite were initially weighed and after that drenched in the corrosive for around 24 hours. The pieces were then were made to a temperature of around 105°C and again weighed. The outcome uncovers the erosion resistance of the mixture polymer composites. Findings: Fiber-strengthened compound composites have contend a predominant parent for an extended time in an exceedingly style of uses for high particulate quality and modulus. The fabricate, utilize and expulsion of antiquated fiber-reinforced plastic, now and again made of glass, carbon or aramid fibers-reinforced thermoplastic and thermo-setting gums zone unit considered fundamentally on account of ecological issues. By characteristic fiber composites we tend to mean a material that is reinforced with strands, particles or platelets from regular or renewable assets, in refinement to for instance carbon or aramide filaments that should be integrated. The aftereffect of strands on effect quality for the examples prepared for each dry and wetness conditions. This check are regularly utilized as quick and basic inner control look at to work if a texture meets particular effect properties or to match materials for general sturdiness. Application/Improvements: Mixture fiber composites show halfway weak nature of break in view of the nearness of hemp strands. So by examining the protective cap display, and Experimental Results, it’s demonstrated that common fiber supported stuff of jute and hemp Hybrid material elements a property quality for the apparatus of Motor cycle Safety head protectors.


Ansys, Bio Polymers, Hemp, Jute, Kenaf, SEM

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