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Health Monitoring using Visible Light Communication


  • SRM University, Vadapalani campus, Chennai - 600026, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: With the rapid development in the Light Emitting Diode (LED) it leads a path for the development of the next generation data communication named as Visible Light Communication (VLC). VLC replaces Radio Frequency communication by giving higher and better bandwidth and a very high data rate. In the present day life we use a lot of LED based lights for illumination. Methods/Analysis: The LEDs are also used alternatively for Communication. This has many advantages like high duration, safety, high efficiency and Flickering rate. Findings: The visible light can be used extensively to transmit the audio signals and this is done by the presence of the normal White LEDs. Applications: Solar panels are used in the receiver section to which an amplifier and speaker are connected to recover the transmitted signal.


LED, Light Communication, Receiver, RF, Solar Panel, Transmitter, VLC.

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