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Improving Testability of Design in FPGA using Raspberry Pi


  • Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM University, Vadapalani, Chennai - 600026, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering, BSAU University, Chennai - 600048, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: To implement a logical approach for providing better ability to observe and control FPGA pins through Raspberry Pi for functional verification of FPGA based system design. Method/Analysis: It mainly involves improving the testability of design in FPGA using Raspberry Pi. Findings: The use of Raspberry Pi makes the controllability and observability of FPGA pins easy and the inputs, outputs of FPGA can be remotely controlled via Webiopi which is a web interface for Raspberry Pi. Novelty/Improvement: The web interface is also used to start the BIST and to test the FPGA with test vectors any times.


ATE, BIST, FPGA, Raspberry Pi, Webiopi.

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