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Online Inspection and Output Control Communication Tools in Machine Vision based Application


  • A. M. K. Technological Polytechnic College, Chennai – 600123, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hydrabad - 500085, Telengana, India
  • Eswari Engineering College, Chennai - 600089, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: The purpose of the study is to develop online inspection of the quality of the machined components using Machine Vision (MV) and the tools required for its implementation in real time with low budget. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this online inspection study, a belt conveyor model is fabricated for the movement of the machined component and their images are taken using a web camera connected to a PC through the USB port. These images are analyzed using MATLAB software and outputs a signal to the PIC microcontroller based control system in order to allow/eject the good or bad components with the help of pneumatic control systems. Findings: Applications of Machine vision were utilized in various automation processes. In this study, low cost automation tools are implemented for online inspection of machined components. A PIC16F870 microcontroller based control system was connected to a PC through the serial port. A separate serial port MAX 232 communication board was interfaced between PC and microcontroller. The image of the standard quality machined component geometry was taken and compared with machined components using Matlab software. Before implementing the whole set up, image processing output signals were simulated, verified using virtual port driver software and protest circuit design software. Only quality components are passed to the other end of the conveyor where as the faulty components are ejected by the pneumatic control system. Application/Improvements: The accuracy of the images can be improved by taking images using a CCD camera. The time required for analyzing the images of machined components should be reduced by using high processor speed computers.


Machine Vision, MATLAB software, PIC microcontroller, Pneumatic Control System.

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