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Performance of LTE-A Full Rate and Full Diversity STBC under Real Scattered Environment


  • Electronics and Communication Department,Chandubhai S. Patel Institute of Technology, CHARUSAT, Changa - 388421, Gujarat, India
  • Electronics and Communication Department,Babaria Institute of Technology,GTU, Vadodara, 391240, Gujarat, India
  • Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institution,GTU, Rajkot, 360003, Gujarat, India


Objectives/Background: In Long Term Evaluation- Advance (LTE-A), there are different specialized elements accessible like odd time slots transmission, use of adaptive modulation etc. Notwithstanding, the BER performance analysis is required in genuine scattered environment like spatially correlated antennas at transmitter side and blemished channel state information accessible at the receiver (CSIR) for adaptive modulation. Method/Statistical Analysis:We are exhibiting Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of LTE-A full rate full diversity STBC under quasi-static fading channels with real practical assumption of spatially correlated antennas at transmitter side and blemished channel state information accessible at the receiver (CSIR). The spatial correlation between two antennas is supposed to be , where is spatial correlation among two transmit antennas and imperfe


Space time block codes (STBC); Long term evaluation- advance (LTE-A); full rate; spatially correlated antennas; imperfect channel state information available at the receiver (CSIR)

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