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SNR based Predictive Packet Scheduling in LTE with Varied CQI


  • Department of Electronics and Communication, C.M.R. Institute of Technology, Bangalore - 560037, Karnataka, India


In this work, a method is proposed to schedule the resources while considering SNR values along with CQI in a view to provide a better packet scheduling. A threshold based method is also proposed with multiple packet scheduling algorithm. A novel Kalman filter based CQI estimation algorithm is designed using SNR values. Different packet scheduling algorithms are decided for varied CQI levels. Simulation results show that the proposed method would improve the link level performance and average throughput of the system. Furthermore, the effect of improving quality is highlighted on user experience and applications are suggested which might change the way we will use Internet in near or far future.


Channel Allocation, Fair Queuing, Imperfect CQI, LTE, Packet Scheduling, Proportional Fair, Resource Blocks.

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