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Design and Development of Hexapod using Nitinol Actuator Wire


  • Department of Electronic Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro, Pakistan


Objectives: This research work involves the design and implementation of Hexapod robot which is a small, inexpensive, six-legged robot. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Hexapod robots from decennium have gained considerable attention in various research and development sectors. This research work involves the design and implementation of Hexapod robot which is a small, inexpensive, six-legged robot intended to replace huge and heavy robotic that are used in space applications, industries for lifting purpose containing solenoids and servo motors. Findings: Initial stage of research work involves design and construction of the structure of Hexapod. Plastic material is used for the construction of body and a Nitinol actuator wire is used to drive the Hexapod’s legs. The final stage involves Hexapod interfacing with Arduino and HBridge module for supply to achieve proper locomotion of the Hexapod. Specifically, real element like mechanical structure, legs arrangement, impelling, payload, movement condition and waking walk are considered in proposed system design. In this work, a novel robot is constructed and found that conservative, and lightweight Hexapod robot demonstrates guarantee for use in space, therapeutic, and other large scale robotic applications. Application/Improvements: Due to the unique actuating mechanism of nitinol wire the proposed and developed model has the impact significance in many application fields.


Arduino, Flexinol Wire, Hexapod, Stiquito.

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