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Use of Mangrove Swamps for Agricultural and House Construction Activities: A Study of Devgad and Rajapur Tehsils of Coastal Maharashtra


  • Department of Geography, Shivaji University, Kolhapur – 416004, Maharashtra, India


Background/Objectives: The attempted research is the outcome of the questionnaire based analysis about the use of mangrove swamps for agricultural and house construction activities. The present research study also assesses the impact of such human activities on the degradation of mangroves. Methods/Analysis: Present research work consists of primary data, collected through field survey and through the questionnaires in 23 villages of the Devgad and Rajapur Tehsils of Coastal Maharashtra. Questionnaire is formulated on account of all the relevant aspects in terms of interaction between man and mangroves, use of mangroves for construction activities, tourism development in mangrove area, waste water disposal in estuary, agriculture practice in mangrove fields etc. For the collection of large data/ information, stratified random sampling method was used. Findings: Along the estuaries of the study area the land is quite fertile for agricultural purposes. During the questionnaire survey, it has observed that the villagers, who are living near the mangrove areas are encroaching their agricultural fields towards the mangroves. Applications/Improvements: In view of government rules and regulations for the protection of the mangroves, it requires collecting and assessing the basic information and database about the mangroves. Such collected basic information also helps for the proper management of mangrove ecosystem.


Agricultural Activities, Conservation of Mangroves, Mangroves, Perception of Villagers, Questionnaire Survey.

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