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A Survey on Trust Models in Cloud Computing


  • Parul University, Vadodara – 391760, Gujarat, India
  • Anna University, Chennai – 600025, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Objective of this work is to explore the available solutions for cloud trust and thereby to facilitate a rigid solution to address the issue in future. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Cloud Computing caters dynamic resources and on-demand services without the overhead of license, purchase and other traditional IT administration activities. Cloud is not only a buzz word in the industry but, also a most happening technological trend. While the services provided by the Cloud Computing is surplus, concern over the promising aspects are of no doubt. The barricades to cloud implementation in the reality are abundance. Findings: Amongst the barricade to cloud implementation, security and trust are considered to be the foremost issues. Trust is always a worry for the new technologies and also for distributed computing paradigm. Prospective users to Cloud Computing shall be tapped in only if the issue is precisely addressed. Minimizing the investment cost is one of the key features promised by the cloud vendors. Any security compromise towards minimizing the cost is highly intolerable. A trust solution for the Cloud Computing should balance the users worry towards trust as well as the service provision aspect. There are several promising solution to cloud trust problem exists. Application/Improvements: This work weighs some of the solutions to cloud trust and thereby highlights the potential gap between the actual requirement and the real solutions.


Cloud Survey, Cloud Survey, Cloud Trust, Cloud Trust Challenges, Cloud Trust Issues; Trust Survey.

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