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Electronic Voice for Set of the Syllables from Braille Code Input based on Microcontroller


  • Departement of Computer Engineering, University of Komputer Indonesia, Dipati Ukur No. 112-118,Bandung - 40132, Indonesia


Objectives: This paper presents the design and implementation of an electronic device that can convert the input code be the voice corresponding braille code input. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This electronic device has some push button that used to enter the braille code. The microcontroller will read and convert them into character. This character will be displayed on the LCD monitor to ensure the correct or not. Microcontroller also function to set MP3 Player Module to run MP3 document that correspond the characters entered. All MP3 sound documents are stored on the SD card. Findings: This electronic device has the ability to recognize each character is entered in braille code via push button. Also, these electronic devices can recognize the arrangement of the characters that form syllables. Each character or syllable that has been entered can be voiced by this device. Arrangement of syllables that make up the word can also be voiced by device per syllable. Voicing any character and syllables using Indonesian. Application/Improvements: These electronic devices can be a media for learning to children with visual impairment or blind people to recognize braille code and how to pronounce it independently.


Blind People, Braille Code, Electronic Voice, Microcontroller, Set of the Syllables.

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