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Concerns in Maintaining Reusable Software Components and the Possible Solutions


  • Department of RIC, IKG Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala – 144603, Punjab, India
  • Department of Computer Applications, I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University Campus Dinanagar, Dinanagar – 143531, Punjab, India


Objectives: The subject of the study deals with the problems faced during the maintenance of reusable software components. It aims at exploring different problems, and their potential solutions. Methods/Analysis: The study scrutinizes the previous methods that were followed for the maintenance of reusable software components. It takes note of the standards that are framed for maintenance purposes. It then figure out the major problems that exist in maintenance of reusable software components. It explores the present development scenario of reusable components to reach out to the solution and determines how tools can be helpful to address the problem. Findings: The research enforces to evolve the relationship between maintenance and reusable software components. It comes up with the problems such as change control, version control, scarcity of traceability, outdated legacy systems, lack of adequate documentation of reusable components. Consequently, the solution to the concerned problems have evolved in a form that is represented as notification about changes, integrated environment of reuse repository with SCM, reverse engineering as tracing tool, upgrading through re-engineering, changes should be reflected in documents. The study also presents a set of tools that may help in conquering the problem. The analysis of previous work is significant in establishing the consensus about the stated problems and mentioned solutions. The findings have their significance in the fact that they have been addressed in an integrative manner. The set of tool support adds value to the study. Application/Improvement: The scope of study can be enhanced by taking a case to endorse the findings.


CASE Tools, Maintenance, Reusable Software Components, Solutions Concerned, Threats To Maintenance

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